January 12th, 2013


Five Rules for Marketers and Media in 2013 (by Jack Myers)

Nice, short overview by @futuresagency member Jack Myers

December 8th, 2012



What makes us successful:  Gerd Leonhard presentation / talk at TEDxCollegeBeauSoleil (by TEDxYouth).  Gerd adds: this is one of my best videos so far - check it out and spread the word if you like it.

Thanks to www.tedxbeausoleil.com and Nordanglia for providing this video.


“Gerd Leonhard is a Futurist and the CEO of The Futures Agency, author of 5 books, former musician and a globe-trotting keynote speaker on the creative industries, media and communications, social technologies, as well as on energy, the environment and green business. Gerd is currently focussing on sustainable future scenarios and what has been called ‘sustainable economics’, including the idea of adapting Internet and networked-society principles to the world’s urgent climate and environment issues. He is based in Basel / Switzerland; his new book ‘From Ego to Eco’ will be published in 2013….”

You can download the PDF with my slides here:  http://gerd.fm/tedxbeau 

November 21st, 2012
November 12th, 2012
MEET ME IN LONDON Nov 21 2012 for this keynote talk:
Everybody is talking about ‘data is the new oil’ aka big-data. SoLoMo (social local mobile) is the battle cry of the day. Human-machine interfaces are rapidly evolving and may quickly become commonplace (think Google Glasses, MSFT Kinect), artificial intelligence is the geek-phrase-of-the-day, and Kurzweil says the singularity is near/here. So how will our world really change in the next 5 years, i.e. the way we communicate, get information, create, buy and sell, travel, live and learn? What are the biggest threats and the hottest opportunities - not just in financial terms, but also in societal and human terms? Futurist Gerd Leonhard will share his foresights and explore the key ‘networked society’ scenarios.
September 9th, 2012
September 5th, 2012

The Future of the Music Industry: a new Ecosystem

Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard summarizes the key trends for the future of the music industry - 15 years of presentations on this topic all-in-one :) See all of Gerd’s stuff on this topic, and his free books, here: http://gerd.fm/futuremusic

August 20th, 2012
Eva Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard is offering diners a 5% discount on their bill if they dump their digital devices before being seated, according to radio station KPCC. Owner and chef Mark Gold says it’s a tactic to keep distracted dining to a minimum.
August 9th, 2012
X Media Lab Switzerland ‘Participation Culture’ is Switzerland’s must-attend digital, cultural and creative industries event of 2012. X Media Lab Switzerland highlights the intersections between the cultural, creative and technological – the interplay between the freedom of art and the precision of engineering and the participation of communities in creating fresh new and interactive forms of cultural expression.

XML Switzerland 2012 - X Media Lab

I will give a talk here; so come and meet me in Basel, Switzerland, September 14-16, 2012

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July 17th, 2012

The 4th Edition of Expo-Telecom Costa Rica September 2012
Expo-Telecom has become the largest telecommunications event in Central America since its opening in 2008.

(Source: expotelecom.net )