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John Eyles

Language: English

Travels from: Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Education, Training and HR
  • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Technology and Humanity

John Eyles – Artist, Educator, Futurist, Speaker, Facilitator and Innovation Strategist

John is a polymath, a ‘left-field’ thinker and visionary. His unrestrained curiosity and capacity for learning, and his on-going interest in new technology and human development, means he is constantly tracking what the future might look like. He has a unique capacity to provide fresh perspectives, new contexts and compelling new playbooks.

He is a keynote speaker and published author who has more than 10,000 hours facilitating others to achieve powerful outcomes for themselves and others. These days he speaks at online events from his home in New Zealand and choreographs learning journeys delivered through the internet to groups large and small.

Some themes for John include:

  • Harnessing creativity and play in the workplace.
  • Education futures – Education towards what and how?
  • Identifying and leveraging the seeds of emerging futures.
  • Humanity and technology. Making beautiful machines.
  • Effective collaboration across distributed transdisciplinary groups.
  • Asking the pertinent question: Identifying and forming the most important questions to survive and thrive.

Two words describe John – Holistic Futureproofer. He is one of a very rare breed of individuals who can connect the dots globally and protect your company’s commercial interests against a fast changing world.” J. Pearce

More about John Eyles

John is passionate about bringing more beauty into the world alongside appreciating and nurturing what we already have. He has a desire to contribute towards an inclusive and sustainable world through cooperation, mutual respect and understanding, supported by new technologies. He is a humanist by nature and likes to see technology as an enabler.

As an artist, John has developed a skillset to make the unseen visible, which he shares with others. He is a great believer in the power of play.

John brings experience with local and international business partners, venture capital, academia, government and start-ups. He has the capacity to effectively build and leverage generative relationships across platforms, disciplines and sectors. He has the ability to creatively make associations between seemingly disparate ideas/people and turn these into high value business opportunities or powerful insights that manage risk.

John’s work history includes:

  • Being head of Research and Alliances for Telecom NZ’s futures group, looking 3-5 years into the future for threats and opportunities.
  • Facilitating innovation and strategy sessions for top players in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Food and Beverage, Travel, Insurance, Energy, Education and others.
  • Academic Leadership roles at Universities in New Zealand, Thailand and Japan where he set up and ran communication programme and post graduate studies in Art and Design.
  • Raising millions of dollars for technology start-ups and launching three different educational initiatives that have gone global, reaching millions of students and their teachers.

John is currently director of Wheelhouse Education which works in partnership with health providers to improve patient outcomes and find innovative solutions to unmet needs, He is Director or Eyles and Associates which offers consultancy services, Neosophy (Science of New) which offers boutique ideas consultancy. He is also a trustee and founder of the EON Foundation, a father of four and husband to Maria.

“John is an inspirational thinker who puts great energy and passion into every project, presentation and task he takes on.”
Dr. Pamela Burnard Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education, University of Cambridge

John Eyles on the Web
Website: www.johneyles.com

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