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TFA’s CEO, Gerd Leonhard has teamed up with some of his fellow futurists and speakers to discuss the future, together. Below is an overview of Gerd’s collaborations with select TFA colleagues. The standard format is a shorter keynote / presentation / opening remark from both, followed by a fast moving foresight chat (watch the video below)

To watch Gerd debate transhumanism and the singularity with Calum Chace, go here.

Please send us an inquiry anytime to discuss all options, fees and schedules.

Video Thumbnail Futurist Gerd

Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard Demo Reel

Top Speaker Packages

Key Topics

Calum Chace / Gerd Leonhard

A Powerful And Lively Debate On AI, The Singularity And The Future Of Humanity

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Key Topics

Tim Renner / Gerd Leonhard

Die Zukunft der Politik Debatte – mit Tim Renner und Gerd Leonhard

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Key Topics

Azeem Azhar/ Gerd Leonhard

2 leading thinkers and visionaries on the future of technology and humanity, AI and digital ethics

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