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Julian Treasure

Language: English

Travels from: Orkney, Scotland, UK

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Julian Treasure: Five-time TED speaker, founder of The Sound Agency and author of How to be Heard and Sound Business

Julian Treasure is author of the books Sound Business and How To Be Heard. He is a highly-rated international public speaker on the effective use of sound in business and on personal communication skills – particularly conscious listening and powerful speaking. His five TED talks have been viewed over 50 million times, and his latest is in the top 10 TED talks of all time.

Julian’s company, The Sound Agency, works with major brands worldwide proving that good sound is good business and pioneering the use of generative soundscapes instead of mindless music in spaces like airports, shopping malls and offices.


“Julian’s keynote within our annual Panasonic Convention, which we organise for more than 1,500 editors and dealers, was very well received by all guests who attended his presentation. For me, his presentation was not only an inspiration business-wise, but it was also a good mixture of information – conveyed in a lively way – and provided great learnings for everyday life. His subject of sound is universal and relevant for everyone, and I would recommend him as keynote speaker for other opportunities within Panasonic and externally.” – Panasonic

“Awesome… At the risk of over-using the word yet again, I can’t think of a more appropriate use of it when applied to you! Your presentation was so insightful, truly brilliant, inspiring and full of heart.”- The Designory

“Clearly an expert on his subject, Julian Treasure ran a very engaging and informative workshop for the MDRT Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Putting aside his prowess as a speaker – which is clear – his high standards and professionalism make him extremely easy to deal with when planning an event.” – MDRT

“To quote one of the attendees, your presentation was “outstanding!”” – Phonak

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Speaking Topics and Videos

How to speak so that people want to listen
Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? In this transformational talk, Julian demonstrates the how-to’s of powerful speaking — from some handy vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy. Plus, this five-time TED speaker can include a masterclass in public speaking and effective presentations. » video on TED

Conscious listening in a fast-paced world
We are losing our listening: The amount of time we spend listening has halved in the last century. As a result, companies and institutions are losing billions of dollars annually through ineffective communication – and our relationships and health are also suffering. Julian shares practical ways to re-tune your ears and improve everything from the effectiveness of your company meetings to your personal relationships. » video on TED

Sound Business
Julian demonstrates how companies can use sound to increase sales and brand asset value. As founder of one of the world’s leading audio branding companies, Julian uses case studies to reveal the most damaging sonic mistakes and showcase the enormous potential of sound in business.

The four ways sound affects us
Julian aims to transform your relationship with sound and the senses. He demonstrates how sound affects everything from our heart-rate, to our hormones, to our behaviour, and reveals how we can improve the sound around us for healthier, happier lives. » video on TED

Designing with our ears
Did you know that noise can degrade productivity by up to 66%? Julian explores the hidden “aural architecture” of offices, hospitals and schools. He reveals common mistakes and practical solutions to achieve happiness, wellbeing and productivity in the build environment. » video on TED

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