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Antoni Lacinai

Language: English, Swedish

Travels from: Sölvesborg, or Malmö, Sweden

Fees: Upon Request
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  • Business and Commerce
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Work, Jobs and Employment

Speaker, Moderator, Teacher, Author

Before starting his own company 2006, Antoni Lacinai’s background was in sales and marketing, in the IT and Telecom industry. Here he held several leading positions and was part of the mobile internet revolution, working for the telecom giant Ericsson at the time.

“My clients don’t shy away from technology, but they want me to enhance their analog communication skills since this is the richest form of communication to date. The more we look at digitalization, the more we want human relationships as well. And the people who are the greatest communicators are often the best leaders and sales people.”

While having his home base in Sweden, Antoni Lacinai give keynotes, moderate and facilitate all over the world. His style is filled with clarity, empathy and energy. You won’t be untouched by his knowledge and enthusiasm.

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Customer Testimonials

  • We are still thrilled by success if the event and all the great feedback we received from participants. Since Antoni was one if the first speaker of the conference, he greatly contributed to making it all outstanding. Antoni is a very energetic, inspiring and, yet, very insightful speaker. And from my long years of experience, it does rarely go together. More to this, Antoni was very flexible indeed: he arrived late on 3rd, having his talk scheduled in the morning of 4th and I asked to make some changes in his presentation and to ny greatest surprise, he made it all work exactly as I asked. Truly great, truly inspiring, truly insightful!
  • Hello Antoni, wanted to thank you for yesterday’s presentation. one of the most memorable presentations i’ve seen
  • Again, thanks for your great contribution and your brilliant way in helping us to conduct the day. Really appreciated!

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