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Aline Frankfort

Language: English, French

Travels from: Brussels, Belgium

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  • Business and Commerce
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Society, Culture and Politics

Catalyst of creative Thinking and purposeful Transformative Innovation.

Expert in strategic innovation, Inspirator of meaning-making stories of the Future.

Aline’s passion and dedication are best summed up as helping people think into the Futures with Enhanced Imagination, Broader Perspectives and Serious Creativity.

She stands for more Freedom, Wiser Decisions and for “Shapership: The Art of Shaping the Future”, a concept she developed almost 10 years ago.

In her courses, workshops, trainings, coachings and conferences, she develops inspirational perspectives on the current “crisis of perception”. It is indeed more and more difficult to make meaning of the world with – especially when mental maps are obsolete and lack imagination – and therefore to navigate the uncertain times we are going through. Changing our Reality requires changing the stories that shape our lives so we can change the way we shape our world.

Making Visionaries, Strategist, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and all those who may be concerned conscious of how we, as human beings, create meaning through Stories and how these Stories shape our lives, is at the Heart of Aline’s work. This has a significant impact on their sense of Identity, on what they believe is possible for their Future(s), hence on the decisions they make, and how they participate in maintaining the status quo or in the shaping of alternative Futures.

Aline invites us to adopt and practice her concept of Shapership, the Art of shaping new Realities, opening up new paths to the Futures and transforming Society for the better.

It means facing Reality in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, with a clear acknowledgment of “what is” and a transformative Vision of “what could be”.

The Shapership attitude may be adopted by any person or “community of work” which aspires to drive pioneering Wealth-creation in “alternative” paradigms, based on radically different values and worldviews that might lead Humanity to become more humane.

It requires to take the “Altitude Attitude”, to connect heads, hands and guts and to follow 3 steps

  • Creative Resistance (The Big No): Challenge and get unstuck from orthodox approaches, conventional Wisdom and taken for granted beliefs that only serve to maintain the status quo, to “fix the problem” or to disrupt it with approaches which may be more efficient but belong to the same unsustainable paradigm
  • Transformative Vision (The Big Yes): dare a leap of imagination, invent radically different, alternative meaning-making story of the Future based on completely different world views and values, which are in tune with the imperatives of our time as well as with what makes us truly human: our hopes, aspirations, “soul needs” and dreams for better Futures
  • The Creative How: use innovation as bold path to shape the desired Future. Imagine a landscape of disruptive Innovation, transformative initiatives and visionary actions that can be harnessed to give new shapes to viable and exciting Futures in the long-term

“Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action” is at the heart of Aline’s Know How and Expertise. It is what enables her to assist a large number of companies in enlarging their perspectives, switch from Renovation to Transformative Innovation, disrupt systems on Purpose, co-create meaning-making stories of the Futures for their lives, their organisations and the world.

Aline is giving conferences about “Futures Thinking”, “Shapership: The art of Shaping the Future”, “Creative thinking”, “Perceptions needed to navigate an uncertain world”,  “Innovate to preserve the status quo or to invent the Future”, “Strategy in uncertain times”, “Strategy as discovery”, “Jazz and the art of collaboration”.

Aline Frankfort on the Web
Web site: https://www.creativeconsulteam.com/
Blog: https://www.creativeconsulteam.com/blog/
Shapership, ebook: https://www.creativeconsulteam.com/shapership/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aline-frankfort-a420551/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shapership2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shapership/?hl=fr

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