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Dr. Elina Hiltunen

Language: English, Finnish

Travels from: Espoo, Finland

Fees: Upon Request


  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Business and Commerce
  • Climate Change
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Energy, Utilities and Environment
  • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Security, Cybercrime, Privacy
  • Singularity and Transhumanism
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Telecom and Media (TMT)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Work, Jobs and Employment

Dr. Elina Hiltunen – Futurist, Author, D.Sc (business), M.Sc (chemistry)

Elina Hiltunen has been as one of the 50  top female futurists in the world in  the Fortune. She has extensive experience of key note speeches both in English and in Finnish. She is also an author of 11 books (numbers 12 and 13 on the progress…) for example about future of technology and strategic foresight. She is also a well known columnist in Finland and participates a Finnish TV- science show.

Elina Hiltunen is a Finnish futurist, keynote speaker, author of 11 books. Elina has been listed in Forbes as one of the 50 leading female futurists in the world. Her background is D.Sc. (business) and M.Sc. (chemistry). Elina is currently an entrepreneur, but she has experience in working in organizations like Nokia, Finpro (Finnish trade promotion organization) and Finland Futures Research Centre as a futurist.

Elina has a vast experience in keynote speeches about futures thinking, megatrends, future technology, consumer trends and weak signals- of which she has written also books.

Some of Elina’s books have been translated to English- for example books: Technolife 2035- How is Technology Changing our Future (Cambridge Scholars, 2015, co-written with Kari Hiltunen) and Foresight and Innovation- How are Companies Coping with the Future (Palgrave, 2013). Her doctoral thesis is available in English. The topic of the thesis was Weak Signals in Organizational Futures Learning. Elina’s latest book, that was published in autumn 2019, was about future of the world: How will climate change affect our future, what will happen to the population, how do we live in the future, how do we work, what we will eat, what happens to our health, how will digitalization and artificial intelligence affect us etc. The book was published in Finnish. Besides of business and futures books, Elina has also written books about coping with depression (co-written with another Elina Hiltunen), fairy tale books for kids about computational thinking and amigurumi crochet books.

Elina has also experience in TV and radio, as she has worked as a team member in a Finnish science TV-program for Finnish Broadcasting company YLE.

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