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K D Adamson

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Travels from: London, UK

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Business and Commerce
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Energy, Utilities and Environment
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Security, Cybercrime, Privacy
  • Singularity and Transhumanism
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Technology and Software
  • Telecom and Media (TMT)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Work, Jobs and Employment

Blue Futurist, Author, Presenter & Keynote Speaker

Futurist K D Adamson identifies how the combinatorial effects of a range of exponentially growing technologies, global megatrends and new generational mindsets will transform our lives radically in the coming decades.

More than a new industrial or machine age, she argues that we are entering the ‘e-naissance’ – the second Renaissance and the dawn of the exponential age, and offers a visionary perspective on its impact at both a global and individual level.

From the future of work, intelligent transportation, business, healthcare, education, government and regulation, to resource scarcity, privacy, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, hyper-connectivity and radical transparency, she creates a frame of reference for how the e-naissance will change the lives and expectations of human beings, whilst equipping them with the information, insight and appetite to fully participate in its development.

An inspirational keynote speaker she has an extraordinary breadth of understanding of the strategic global economic, business and emerging technology context for the rapid changes every industry is experiencing and coaches leaders towards new digital visions and transformations. She also works with start-ups and investors shaping the exponential organisations and ecosystems of the future.

About K D Adamson: K D Adamson began her career in advertising on the Coca-Cola account at London agency McCann Erickson before moving into strategic global branding and marketing. Working with high-tech and new technology accounts, including the emerging e-reader market in the mid-2000s led her to focus on foresight and future trends.

She has advised a diverse range of major companies and organisations from FMCG, pharma, and high-tech manufacturing, to consumer electronics, feature film, publishing, advertising, big brands, TV and media companies and the EU, and is the world’s foremost ‘blue’ futurist in shipping & maritime, where she literally wrote the book on digital transformation.

The CEO of Futurenautics and a member of The Futures Agency, K D Adamson has appeared worldwide on stages and in print, online, on radio and television. She is also the author of fraud thriller Payload, and the non-fiction book Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla.

K D Adamson is represented for film, books and TV by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann Literary, Film & TV agency in London.

Keynote Topics

  • Move 37 – Our Artificially Intelligent Future
  • We’re All Tuna Now – Leadership in the Exponential Age
  • Letting Go The Lantern – Successful Digital Transformation
  • Paying Attention – Value, blockchain, and the collapse of the attention economy
  • The E-naissance – Birth of the Exponential Age
  • Breakfast of Champions – creating a digital culture
  • Bodyshock – The Future of Health and Wellness
  • Learnt Behaviours – The Future for Education and training
  • Enernet – The Future of Energy
  • Intelligent Transportation – Building Smart Mobility Ecosystems
  • Futurestory – Film, TV, Books, Games & Beyond
  • Blueprint – the future for Shipping, Maritime & the Blue Domain
  • Malcontent – Future for Brands, Marketing & Media
  • The Bureaucratic Singularity – The Future of Law & Regulation
  • Hope and Prey – Future of Cyber Resilience & Security
  • Future of Finance & Insurance – Decentralised, Democratised, Disrupted
  • Better to Travel? – The Future of Travel & Tourism, Transportation, Hotels & Experiences
  • Least Worst Option – The Future for geopolitics, ideologies, government and the nation state

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