June 11th, 2013


Siri in the Chevy Sonic: World’s First Siri Integration | Chevrolet (by Chevrolet)

Funny video… but shows where things are going: natural user interfaces, artificial intelligence, anticipatory services.

February 12th, 2013
January 19th, 2013
Ultra intelligent electronic agents (UIEAs) provide a new level of competitive advantage to the enterprise because they help create a level of electronic advice and trust between your company and your customers and your employees. Even though the world is more and more technological, human relationships are, somewhat paradoxically, more and more important. Trust is still something that either earns you business or loses you business. Business, all business, is still about trust and relationships. If deployed thoughtfully, UIEAs can be used to either increase and solidify that bond way beyond anything we are seeing today.
November 30th, 2011

What comes after Siri? A web that talks back.

Found on GigaOm, by : “Siri may be the hottest personal assistant since I Dream of Jeannie, but Apple’s artificial intelligence is only the tip of the iceberg as we combine ubiquitous connectivity, sensor networks, big data and new methods of AI and programming into a truly connected network. Instead of connecting people to people as Facebook or even some of the cooler services like Turntable.fm do, the web of the future will connect machines to machines and connect those machines back to people. What Om calls the “alive web” is still people talking to other people, but the next generation of the web is far more interesting. It’s when machines start talking to each other and then to people. The emergence of the Internet of things is well documented but in order to get there, we’ll need several advancements in technology from low-power, cheap sensors to …read on.”