June 22nd, 2013
March 20th, 2012

The Future Of Reading Is Tablets

According to a new survey by the Pearson Foundation, the majority of U.S. college students now prefer reading digitally, for both studying and for “fun” reading. Other factors:

  • 57% preferred digital for fun reading
  • 58% preferred digital for textbook reading
  • 25% of US college students own a tablet, up from 7% in ‘11
  • 17% of college-bound US high school seniors own a tablet, up from 4% in ‘11
  • 63% favor iPad, followed by 26% Kindle Fire and 15% Samsung Galaxy Tab

So, this study isn’t about digital reading, after all. It’s about tablet reading, which is clearly the future. My bet is that next year over 50% of US college students will own a tablet, and a large number of schools will start to require them.

(h/t PaidContent.org)