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#TBT How mobile technology is transforming Africa 


Here’s a write-up of a part of my presentation on How Mobile Technology is Transforming Africa.

The Guardian launches small-run newspaper in U.S. -- and it's machine-curated 

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Lots of very interesting trends in this chart.  But beyond the obvious growth and, now, domination of digital media, we can’t help noticing that, within digital media, mobile passed online (call us obsessed with mobile everything).

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The Future of Media Will Be Streamed 


Media Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Robert Tercek on protected media spaces and the perils of control (by Gerd Leonhard)


Full Story: MIT

Being Digital Demands You Be More Human 

What's Ahead for the Net: Mary Meeker Explains It All 

Meeker’s projected numbers for the increase in mobile traffic are too conservative, said James Lamberti, general manager and vice president of AdTruth.

“Not only are we seeing a tremendous growth in mobile phones, but as she noted, tablets are also growing like wildfire, roughly three times faster than the iPhone,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

“More importantly, Mary is right that the mobile ad market is largely untapped,” Lamberti said, adding that the irony of that $20 billion opportunity is that many marketers are skeptical it exists. May 31, 2013 at 12:13AM


These are some of my recent ‘bottom lines’ on the Future of Media. Read more on my new blog at FuturistGerd.com  Download most of my books incl. The Future of Content (2011) for free, via GerdCloud (my shared-items dropbox folder). Watch some videos of my recent keynotes and talks on this topic. Download the DISRUPTION PDF.  Enjoy and spread the word.

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