May 21st, 2013
“Imagine a part in your car sending a malfunction signal that schedules your car for a repair appointment, followed up by an automated function that checks your calendar online and schedules the appointment for you,” Pruitt said. “Or, consider a hydro-sensor in your garden that sends you a message to let you know the plants need more water.” This is only a small part of what the “Internet of Things” will do, he said”
May 9th, 2013


How The Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Search – ReadWrite

As mobile devices dictate the terms of search and how results are being conveyed to end users, there’s another phenomenon that will greatly influence the future of search - very soon, we’re going to be swimming in more data than we will know what to do with.

The rise of the Internet of Things means billions of physical objects will soon generate massive amounts of data 24 hours a day. Not only will this make traditional search methods nearly impossible to use, it will also create an environment where instead of looking for things in the world, those things will be seeking us out to give us all sorts of information that will help us fix, use or buy them.

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November 17th, 2012
November 14th, 2012
October 12th, 2012


Digital: This graphic offers and interesting look at search results.


I need to become a master of this chart for my new internship.


I feel your pain. I hate everything about SEO. I hate the way it defines content. I hate that it guides and then apes conversation. I hate the game aspect. I hate its predatory acolytes. Hate.

I do hope that tricking me into publishing this helps you with your internship though.

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March 1st, 2012