May 11th, 2013
Consumers in rich countries don’t need phones anymore, and they’re demanding bigger screens US journalists love to hold phablets up to their heads in order to prove how ridiculous they are as phones, but that misses the point: the fraction of time we spend using these devices for phone conversations continues to shrink. In surveys, time spent on calls comes in fourth after web browsing, social media, music and gaming, and on average may represent as little as 10% of the two hours a day we spend on our “phones.”
December 29th, 2012
2012 was a big year for publishers in navigating the rapidly shifting sands of digital media. Monetizing content became less about the promise of pay walls and more about the concrete success of them. And mobile delivery – of both content and advertising – became an ingrained part of most publishing strategies, with some big wins and a lot of expectations. The year also brought two big boosts to traffic and ad revenues: the presidential election and the Summer Olympic Games. In 2013, big data is going to give publishers an edge, once they get a handle on all the metrics. While new viewability standards bring new hoops to jump through, they also provide more accountability to advertisers. It was another year of of big change and challenges, but change for good and challenges met. Here’s to another exciting, promising year in publishing in 2013!