November 22nd, 2013


The Future of Entrepreneurship: Meeting of the Minds #4: Ross Dawson & Gerd Leonhard (Futurists) (by Gerd Leonhard)

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October 16th, 2013


(via New Video: Meeting of the minds (MOTM) #5: the key future trends (Ross Dawson / Gerd Leonhard) - Futurist, Author & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

This is Meeting of the Minds episode #5 featuring my fellow futurist Ross Dawson and me discussing the key trends for the next 5 years: from ego to eco, human-machine interfaces and overlaps, sustainability, OTT media, the future of energy, collective vs artificial intelligence, distributed value creation, the p2p economy, the shift from closed to open, climate change, networked leadership and much more. Thanks to Jonathan Marks for doing the editing and supervising the production in Basel. Check out my MOTM playlist on Youtube.

January 11th, 2013

Digital Media Strategist Carlo Donzella and Futurist Gerd Leonhard talk about Smart Cities (MotM3) (by Gerd Leonhard)

This is the 3rd pilot for Gerd Leonhard’s new web-tv show called Meetings of the Mind (MotM), soon to be available at In this episode I talk to Carlo Donzella, in Rome / Italy see