March 23rd, 2011

Legacy Media’s Slice of the Social Commerce Economy - Jack Myers

Jack MyersFrom the desk of Jack Myers: “Of the $46.6 billion invested last year in digital marketing and advertising, 20% was targeted to legacy media companies (TV, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, outdoor, radio, etc.). By 2020, legacy media will capture only 13% of the $300 billion in estimated digital marketing and advertising investments. Full details are reported in this week’s Jack Myers Media Business Report and are available to subscribers here.

For the next decade, an estimated 50% of digital marketing growth will accrue to social media plus digital coupons and online/mobile promotional investments, aka Social Commerce. Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Living Social and other social marketing and commerce leaders are positioned to capture a sizable chunk of these investments. Legacy media companies such as Viacom, Disney, CBS, Hearst, Gannett, Comcast NBCU and Clear Channel could step up their social engagement efforts and benefit greatly from marketers’ growing commitments to social commerce. The odds are … read on.”