October 24th, 2012


(via MediaFuturist: New video: Rebooting Media: my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival 2012)

This is a very nicely recorded video (thanks to the BBC NI and their fabulous studio in Belfast) and I cover a lot of ground as far as the future of media is concerned; one of my best talks on this topic, to date, imho:)  Enjoy and share!

You can download the PDF with most of the slides here , or just browse my Slideshare channel. In this talk I cover most of the key topics such as ‘the people formerly known as consumers’, the shift from ownership to access, advertising becoming content, independence replaced by Interdependence, the end of attention monopolies, the social OS aka SoLoMo.   

Special thanks to the BBC NI for making a great video and sharing it with me and everyone else.  Also special thanks to Tiffany Shlain and her great work - be sure to watch ‘Connected the Movie’ asap!!

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