February 20th, 2012

Broadband: ecosystems, not egosystems - updated

Update: With truly expert timing, actor Stephen Fry has drawn attention to the state of broadband in New Zealand on the very day the Commerce Commission kicked off a conference looking at the future of the technology.
"Fry, in New Zealand for the filming of The Hobbit, tweeted at around 6:30 this morning that New Zealand’s broadband is ‘pathetic’ and that kiwis should ‘rise up’ and ‘demand better’.It has since emerged that Fry had exceeded the download limit on the connection he was using, and the connection had subsequently been throttled; however, this has only served to draw attention to the throttling practice, which Fry says ‘makes as much sense as closing a lane of traffic because there’s congestion’. The whole affair took place as delegates from around the country were gathered in Auckland for the Future of High Speed Broadband conference, a meeting to discuss…read on.”
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