February 13th, 2012

Get Gerd Leonhard’s Kindle-Book “The Future of Content” - for free on Valentine’s Day

On February 14 between 12:01am PST (08:01am UK) and 11:59pm PST (Feb 15 07:59am UK) Gerd Leonhard’s latest ebook “The Future of Content" can be downloaded for free from Amazon’s US Kindle Store.

No need for a Kindle reader, the free Kindle App is available for mobile and desktop devices. If your Amazon account is with another store (where this ebook is available, too ;) you might be able to use this free offer by temporarily transferring your account to the US store with one click only. AmazonPrime Subscribers (US only) can ‘borrow’ this title free of charge from Amazon’s Kindle library at any time.

About The Future of Content: Futurist Gerd Leonhard has been writing about the future of content i.e. music, film, TV, books, newspapers, games etc, since 1998. He has published 4 books on this topic, 2 of them on music (The Future of Music, Music 2.0). For the past 10 years Leonhard has been deeply involved with many clients in various sectors of the content industry, in something like 17 countries, and it’s been a great experience, he says. “I have learned a lot, I have listened a lot, I have talked even more (most likely:) and I think I have grown to really understand the issues that face the content industries - and the creators, themselves - in the switch from physical to…read on.

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