December 23rd, 2011

IBM 5 in 5: Mind Reading is no longer science fiction

From the IBM Research Blog: "Editor’s note:  This post about IBM’s 5 in 5 prediction of mind reading technology is by Kevin Brown of IBM Software Group’s Emerging Technologies.

One of the many great things about working with the Emerging Technology Services team is that I am always focused on “what’s next.”  For a long time speech recognition fitted into this category as the computing industry looked to make technology more pervasive to free our finger tips from typing and to help us become more productive.

We are benefitting from this today with voice recognition for our cars, smartphones and even automated phone services for banks and travel reservations.

Now that speech recognition is becoming mainstream, and many other forms of human computer interaction have come along, like touch, gesture recognition, etc., we are thinking about what’s next - or in the case of the IBM 5 in 5 - what’s next by 2017. In my view there will be huge leaps made in bioinformatics - this is a large topic, so I am more specifically referring to …read on.”

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