Partners & Network

TFA’s partners, speakers and collaborators are the very best in their fields. They know how to communicate with a wide variety of clients from different cultures, age groups and industry segments, and include some of CEO’s Gerd Leonhard's long-time and trusted collaborators.

In addition, they all are really nice people, too, and we think you’ll really enjoy working with them.

Partners include:

    - Futurist.com, Seattle, USA
  • Neil PERKIN
    - Digital Strategist and Social Technologist, London
  • Jonathan MACDONALD
    - Marketing / Social Media Strategist and Consultant, London
  • Alan MOORE
    - Community, Branding & Marketing Strategist, London
  • Rudy DE WAELE
    - Mobile Guru and Strategist, Barcelona
  • Clive RICH
    - Digital Media Law Expert, Strategist, London
  • Didier MARLIER
    - Leadership and Change Expert, Coach, Professor at FDC Brazil, Geneva (CH)
  • Ross DAWSON
    - Futurist, Sydney, Australia
  • Mikael JENSEN
    - Telecoms & Content Innovator, CEO DigitalMediaVentures, Copenhagen (DK)
  • Kelli RICHARDS
    - Music & Media Industry Expert, Cupertino, CA 
  • David SMITH
    - Futurist, London
  • Tomi AHONEN
    - Mobile Economist, Speaker, Author, Hong Kong
  • Tim RENNER
    - Digital Media Innovator, Author, Berlin
  • Rohit TALWAR
    Global Futurist, Founder of Fast Future Research, London

» Speakers NETWORK

Founder and CEO:  Gerd Leonhard (Basel, Switzerland)  

Our Global Network

In order to help our clients to better realize and implement their desired futures, we work with many different agencies and service providers all over the globe, including:

If you would like to connect with any of our network partners please feel free to contact us anytime.