Speakers Network

TFA’s partners, speakers and collaborators are the very best in their fields. They know how to communicate with a wide variety of clients from different cultures, age groups and industry segments, and include some of CEO’s Gerd Leonhard's long-time and trusted collaborators. In addition, they all are really nice people, too, and we think you'll really enjoy working with them. Following a list sorted by their home base, but available for booking world-wide.


  • Russell BUCKLEY
    - Mobile Marketing Speaker & Thinker, MobHappy.com, London, UK
    - Visionary and Strategist in Digital Innovation, Author and inspiring Speaker, CEO DearMedia, Belgium
  • Rudy DE WAELE
    - Mobile Guru and Strategist, London, UK
  • Carlo DONZELLA
    - Digital Media Strategist, Rome, Italy / Valletta, Malta
  • Ibrahim EVSAN
    - Mastermind for social media, founder of sevenload and Fliplife, Cologne, Germany
  • Ajit JAOKAR
    - Founder Futuretext, Digital Policy Expert, London, UK
  • Mikael JENSEN
    - Telecoms & Content Innovator, CEO DigitalMediaVentures, Copenhagen, Denmark
    - Futurist, Author, CEO of The Futures Agency, Basel, Switzerland
  • Jonathan MARKS
    - Digital Storyteller, Tech Writer, Broadcaster & Award winning Media Strategist, Netherlands
  • Didier MARLIER
    - Leadership and Change Expert, Coach, Professor at FDC Brazil, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alan MOORE
    - Community, Branding & Marketing Strategist, London, UK
  • Neil PERKIN
    - Digital Strategist and Social Technologist, London, UK
  • Tim RENNER
    - Digital Media Innovator, Author, Berlin, Germany
  • Clive RICH
    - Digital Media Law Expert, Strategist, London, UK
  • Dr. Wendy L. SCHULTZ
    Infinite Futures - Foresight Research and Training, Oxford, UK
  • Ralph SIMON
    - Mobile Trailblazer, Visionary and Innovator, London, UK
  • David SMITH
    - Futurist, Founder The GFF, London, UK
  • Rohit TALWAR
    - Global Futurist, Founder of Fast Future Research, London, UK
  • Simon TORRANCE
    - CEO & Founder STL Partners, Advisor, London, UK
  • Julian TREASURE
    - The Sound Agency, Sonic Branding expert, London, UK


  • Rohit BHARGAVA
    - Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, Influential Marketing Group, VA, USA
    - Futurist.com, Seattle, USA
  • Jack MYERS
    - Media Economist & Chairman, Media Advisory Group, New York, USA
  • Brian NEWMAN
    - Film Futurist, New York, USA
  • Kelli RICHARDS
    - Music & Media Industry Expert, Cupertino, CA, USA
    - Founder and CEO, Retail Prophet, Toronto, Canada


  • Tomi AHONEN
    - Mobile Economist, Speaker, Author, Hong Kong, China
    - Japan Expert, Mobile Guru, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ross DAWSON
    - Futurist, Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Madanmohan RAO
    - Research Advisor at Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Bangalore, India
    - Mobile Expert, Founder & CEO Infinita, Tokyo, Japan
  • David WESSON
    - Social Media Marketing, Innovation & Digital Dialogue, Sydney, Australia

(last update February 26, 2013)