Glen Hiemstra

If you listen carefully, you can learn what the future is telling you.

Glen Hiemstra, Founder of Futurist.com, is dedicated to disseminating information about the future in order to assist individuals, organizations and industries in effective strategic planning. An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for two decades and served as a technical advisor for futuristic television programs.  A writer as well as a speaker and consultant, Glen is the author of Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Future (Wiley & Sons 2006).  Previously he co-authored Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future.

Glen has worked with many leading companies, government agencies and organizations across a wide variety of domains. These include Microsoft, The Home Depot, Boeing, John Deere, Lexis Nexus, Adobe, Ernst & Young, PaineWebber, ShareBuilder, Ambrosetti (Italy), Club of Amsterdam, REI, Hewlett Packard, Novo Nordisk, APAX Partners (UK), Costa Rica Hotel Association, Sonae (Portugal), GHD Engineering (Australia), Atlanta 2060, Tulsa 2025, Idaho Transportation 2030, Michigan DOT 2030, Federal Highway Administration Advanced Research, Eddie Bauer, Procter & Gamble, ACE Hardware, IHOP, Land O Lakes, and others.

As a recognized expert in preferred future planning, Glen researches emerging trends in economics, demographics, energy, the environment, Internet and communications, science, technology, health care, housing, and transportation. Glen goes beyond simple trend analysis to analyze the opportunities that we all have to shape the preferred future. In his consulting, Glen utilizes tools such as environmental scanning, scenario development, whole systems perspectives, and paradigm shifts.

Example clients of interest for this proposed project include:

John Deere, Consumer & Commercial Products – Worked with several internal teams to re-imagine future customers, products & services, and sales channels circa 2020.  Teams produced written white papers and visual art-work representing future visions.

GHD of Australia – Worked over a period of several months with a Board & Management committee of this international engineering services firm on long range planning. The task was to develop an environmental scan of key changes impacting the company in the coming decade.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Worked with the Pacific Ocean Division as well as with the Savannah District in projects to redesign the future mission and strategic objectives of the Division and District, respectively, on a 5-10 year horizon as the Corps undergoes change in the coming years.

Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI)
– Worked with a long-range planning team from this international retailer of outdoor and recreational equipment to envision a new future for retail, including future consumers and online and in-store customer relationships.

Mass Mutual – Assisted a planning team through a series of workshops to explore and envision the future of human resources and work culture for this company.

National Academy of Sciences – When a group within the Academy wanted to explore the “data intensive science” needs that will accompany a move to a smart electrical grid in the U.S. they asked me to conduct a three-day workshop. Stakeholders from around the country and from various fields gathered on the Microsoft campus to develop guidance on the data intensive scientific research that will be needed to build the smart grid.

Land O Lakes, Inc. – When the recently combined four companies that now comprise Land O Lakes, Inc. gathered the marketing teams for the first time, led part of the 2-day gathering, leading teams on a quick environmental scanning and scenario development process to identify strategic opportunities in marketing.

Idaho Transportation Department – Developed an interview-based study and report on the intersection of transportation and the future economy in the state of Idaho, looking at the next two decades out to the year 2030.

A skilled communicator, Glen also offers a variety of informational resources for those interested in exploring the future. Each month visitors from 120 nations come to Futurist.com and Glen’s blog for provocative snapshots of emerging ideas, trends, and technologies. Glen can be followed at twitter.com/futuristspeaker.
In a first career, Glen was an award-winning educator; he has served as a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, which worked on virtual and augmented reality technology.

Glen was educated at Whitworth University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington.  He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Tracie. They have three adult children.